Legal Writing

Freelance Legal Work

Ms. Kogut Lowell fulfills legal writing needs for attorneys and law firms around the country. Recent work includes this well-researched reply in a family law case for a firm in Maryland.

Legal Translation

Constitución de la Florida

While in law school, Ms. Equels contributed to the first and only Spanish translation of the Constitution of Florida, and presented the completed translation at the Capitol to Florida's Attorney General.

Legal Services

Business Contracts

Ms. Kogut Lowell prepares legal agreements to meet the specific business needs of our clients. Her attention to detail and trustworthy service are personalized to each project.

Business Writing

Scholarly Article

Ms. Schmaltz's publishing credits include the Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing. This peer-reviewed journal applies traditional marketing principles to nonprofit realms.

Business Translation

International Business

Ms. Kogut Lowell's knowledge of English, Spanish, and French afford our international clients versatility in languages. She translated text from Spanish to French for a pharmaceutical company located in Spain.

Legal Writing

Scholarly Journal

Serving as Executive Editor of the Journal of Transnational Law & Policy, Ms. Equels managed editorial staff and prepared articles for an international legal publication in circulation since 1991.

Business Writing

Course Syllabus

Ms. Kogut Lowell has taught graduate-level courses in Professional Writing to M.B.A. students at the University of Florida since 2008, sharing the techniques she applies to her own professional writing.

Business Writing

Economic Blog

Ms. Schmaltz writes about systemic structures that promote "survival for all" at the Comprehensivist blog. The blog discusses quality of life and the promotion of human potential as valid societal objectives in our socioeconomic system.