what is a trademark?

A trademark is a recognizable word, design, or other expression (like a shape, sound, or color) that identifies and distinguishes your goods or services from those of others. It's your brand's identity, a unique stamp that sets you apart from the competition. For most companies, trademarks are among their most valuable business assets.

what's a trademark lawyer?

The guardian of your brand's identity and intellectual property rights. We ensure that a trademark is registered, enforced, and defended against infringement: the ultimate ally in your quest to make your business stand out from the crowd. KOGUT & CANNON take your trademarks even further by getting your brand into the media.

what is business coaching?

Alongside trademark registration, we provide guidance to improve your business performance. We help you develop strategies and take steps to make entrepreneurship feel easier and more fun.

how can I learn more?

Our podcast, Trademark Insiders, is available on your favorite platforms like YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, and Audible. Join us for the insider's perspective on business and law!

"Trademark law allows businesses to build and protect their brands. It’s the glue that holds a company’s reputation, goodwill, and customer loyalty together. We love helping our clients navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property law to achieve their business goals."




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