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Discover Our Passion for Securing National Media Exposure for Our Clients. See Real Results Below:

Mary has been great at finding me media opportunities... including ones with national exposure. She is a pleasure to work with - very professional and courteous, friendly and kind.

— Sunana S.


Your ideas, your brand, your legacy. Protecting your trademark isn’t just a legal necessity—it’s an investment in your future and a step towards leaving a lasting impact. Here’s how we help you secure your vision:

One-Hour In-Depth Consultation With US Licensed Trademark Lawyers
Your journey begins with a personal consultation. We'll dive deep into your brand's unique qualities and aspirations to ensure we understand exactly what you need and how you can meet USPTO filing requirements.

Application Preparation, Including Class Selection and Specimens
We handle the complexities of application preparation, guiding you through common pitfalls, like class selection and gathering of acceptable specimens, to ensure a smooth and worry-free process.

Filing of Your Application and Continuous Status Monitoring
From filing your application to keeping track of its status, we provide continuous monitoring and updates, ensuring you're always in the loop. Sit back and relax, knowing your brand is in good hands!

Strategize Effectively to Fight Office Actions and Objections
Our meticulous strategies help ensure that your application progresses smoothly, minimizing delays and maximizing the likelihood of overcoming objections for a successful registration.



Your brand is more than just a logo or a name. It's your legacy: a reflection of your vision, values, and hard work. That's why our process starts with an in-depth, personalized consultation. You and your attorney will dig deep to truly define the essence of your brand. Based on our discussion, we'll outline a strategic plan tailored to your brand. This includes selecting the appropriate trademark classes, identifying potential conflicts, and setting clear milestones for the trademark registration process. Our goal is to create a roadmap that guides you seamlessly through the complexities of registration.



Our comprehensive approach to application preparation ensures that every detail is meticulously handled, so you can focus on what you do best—growing your brand. Preparing a trademark application involves multiple steps, each requiring careful attention to detail. We manage this entire process to ensure accuracy, completeness, and adherence to legal requirements. By handling the complexities of application preparation, class selection, and specimen gathering, we ensure that your trademark application is robust, accurate, and poised for success, so you feel confident in the trademark registration process.



The moment you've been working towards—the day you receive the thrilling news that your trademark has been successfully registered! This isn't just a milestone; it's a transformative event for your brand, filled with excitement, satisfaction, and the security of knowing your hard work is protected. Your registered trademark opens the door to a world of possibilities: the potential for market expansion, enhanced credibility, and a registered IP asset increasing the value of your business. Reaching this final step is a testament to your dedication and our partnership. Your brand is now officially protected!

The two Marys are an incredible source of insight and wise counsel on all things IP related! They know how to present complex legal issues in such an engaging way that is comprehensive yet understandable.

— Chris L.


Looking forward to letting go of legal stress and enjoying peace of mind as your business grows? Our mission is to protect what's yours so you can keep doing what you do best: building your empire. Unlock more time to focus on your dreams and enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship. Join forces with us, and let us seamlessly maneuver the endless legal labyrinth.

Our firm provides trademark registration and enforcement for clients residing in all 50 states and additional legal services for businesses in the states of New York, Florida, Michigan, and Wyoming, including diverse practice areas like contract law and employment law. We safeguard your brand and navigate the legal landscape to support your business growth.





  • One-hour in-depth consultation
  • Comprehensive trademark search and legal analysis
  • Application preparation, including class selection and specimens
  • Filing of your application and continuous status monitoring
  • Strategize effectively to fight office actions and objections
  • Receive attentive client support and timely status updates

Contracts &




  • Customize your contracts and agreements to meet your unique business needs and objectives
  • Review your existing contracts to identify potential risks, ambiguities, and areas for immediate improvement
  • Enjoy proactive guidance throughout contract negotiation to protect your interests
  • Develop standardized contracts for more efficient business transactions and agreements


Law Services



  • Comply with federal, state, and local employment laws
  • Establish comprehensive employee handbooks and workplace policies
  • Investigate allegations of discrimination or harassment
  • Minimize your risk of wrongful termination or retaliation claims
  • Ensure wage and hour compliance, including classification of employees, minimum wage, and overtime

"Trademarks are an essential tool to help take your brand to the next level as part of a comprehensive business and marketing plan."



She was very responsive, quick to review documents and explained everything thoroughly. I felt seen, heard, and respected. I highly recommend working with Kogut & Cannon, if you're ever in need of representation or consultation!

— Jennifer M.

Make It Happen

We're dedicated to partnering closely with each client to create personalized solutions suited to their business's unique vision and financial resources. Are you ready for meaningful, trustworthy support as you bring your dreams to life? Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore the possibilities!



Mary actually has given me not only the courage, but the little nudge to be able to break forth out of my comfort zone.

— Lisa D.


Our coaching sessions are backed by neuroscience and designed to skyrocket your business growth. We will analyze your brand's unique challenges and opportunities, leveraging our years of experience as in-house counsel for industry giants, including a major airline and popular e-commerce platform, to successfully navigate the complexities of business growth.

You will feel renewed exhilaration in your business as we help you build an electrifying brand that commands attention. Our personalized coaching sessions are a soulful journey into the heart of your aspirations and creativity, where every strategic move aligns with your passion and purpose. Get ready to embrace a new standard of brilliance in your life and business!

12-Week Program

Paid in Full

$2200 x 1


  • Two FREE coaching sessions
  • Exchange video and voice messages between sessions
  • BONUS: A personalized mindset realignment session recording for you to enjoy again and again!

12-Week Program

Payment Plan

$800 x 3


  • One FREE coaching session
  • Exchange emails and text messages between sessions
  • Experience breakthroughs and exciting new strategies using our favorite tools and resources

Individual Business

Coaching Session

$220 x 1


  • Unlock your full potential in your business and your personal life
  • Enjoy ultimate flexibility and convenience for busy schedules
  • Efficient, powerful, and backed by the latest in neuroscience

Very helpful in creating a strategic and successful personal plan. Their constant reassurance and positive coaching made all the difference, giving me the confidence to enter this next chapter of my life.

— Karen G.


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Is my trademark registrable?

We aim to ensure that your mark is not only registrable but also well-positioned for successful registration. Our intellectual property services include a comprehensive trademark search and legal analysis to help ensure that your mark is both registrable and free of any infringement.

Will my application succeed?

While the USPTO's decision is never guaranteed, your chances of a successful registration increase dramatically with our help! Let us guide you through every step of the process, from conducting thorough trademark searches to drafting a strong application and responding to any office actions.

Can I afford trademark services?

Our firm offers flexible pricing options and transparent fee structures to accommodate your business needs. Additionally, investing in trademark registration can provide long-term value and protection for your brand, making it a worthwhile investment in the success of your business.

Why should I register?

Trademark registration is essential for safeguarding your brand identity and preventing others from using or imitating your trademarks. Without proper registration, you risk losing your intellectual property rights. Fun fact: IP tends to be among the most valuable assets owned by ANY business!

Can I enforce my trademark?

We offer ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain and enforce your trademark rights effectively, including taking legal action against unauthorized use. Our experienced attorneys are here to protect your brand and preserve the integrity of your intellectual property assets. 

Does my location matter?

We are licensed to assist clients from any state or country with our world-famous trademark law and business coaching services. We also provide comprehensive business law services to clients in specific states within the United States, including New York, Florida, Michigan, and Wyoming.

What can coaching do for me?

Business coaching is an investment in yourself and the future of your business. Our coaching sessions are designed to deliver tangible results that drive meaningful growth and success for your brand. They are rooted in proven methodologies, industry best practices, and real-world experience.

What makes K&C different?

Our background as in-house counsel for a major airline and a popular e-commerce platform give us a unique perspective that integrates legal knowledge, business acumen, and practical experience. We provide strategic guidance and actionable solutions that drive real success!




Thank you for seeing what I didn't see and gently nudging me out of my comfort zone! You have a priceless gift.

— Maura L.